Scrolled sheet precursor route to niobium and tantalum oxide nanotubes

Year: 2007 DOI: 10.1021/nl0708260

Extra Information

Yoji Kobayashi, Hideo Hata, Magda Salama, Thomas E. Mallouk.   Nano Letters, 2007, 7, 2142-2145.


The nanoscroll-to-nanotube thermal transformation was studied for H4Nb6O17∙4.4H2O scrolls, prepd. by exfoliation of K4Nb6O17. Thermal dehydration of the scrolls produces Nb2O5 nanotubes at 400-450˚C The nontopochem. transformation results in polycryst. nanotubes; however, significant texturing with respect to the tube axis is obsd. Substituting Ta for Nb in the precursor compd. led to a lower yield of scrolls, most likely because there is less built-in lattice strain to drive scrolling of the unilamellar colloidal sheets. [on SciFinder(R)]