Quadruple-layered perovskite (CuCl)Ca2NaNb4O13

Year: 2012 DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2011.10.038

Extra Information

Atsushi Kitada, Yoshihiro Tsujimoto, Takafumi Yamamoto, Yoji Kobayashi, Yasuo Narumi, Koichi Kindo, Adam A. Aczel, Graeme M. Luke, Yasutomo J. Uemura, Yoko Kiuchi, Yutaka Ueda, Kazuyoshi Yoshimura, Yoshitami Ajiro, Hiroshi Kageyama. Journal of the Solid State Chemistry, 2012, 185, 10-17.


We will present the synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of a new quadruple-layered perovskite (CuCl)Ca2NaNb4O13. Through a topotactic ion-exchange reaction with CuCl2, the precursor RbCa2NaNb4O13 presumably having an incoherent octahederal tliting changes into (CuCl)Ca2NaNb4O13 with a 2ap×2ap×2cp superstructure(tetragonal; a=7.73232(5) Å, c=39.2156(4) Å). The well-defined superstructure for the ion-exchanged product should be stabilized by the inserted CuCl4O2 octahedral layers that firmly connect with neighboring perovskite layers. Magnetic studies show the absence of long-range magnetic ordering down to 2 K despite strong in-plane interactions. Aleksandrov′s group theory and Rietveld refinement of synchrotron X-ray diffraction data suggest the structure to be of I4/mmm space group with in-phase tilting along the a and b axes, a two-tilt system (++0).